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Our Tribute Apples are a perfectly unique way to show your gratitude, respect, and admiration to a special someone in your life. Choose your favorite color or a color that has special meaning to you.

A few ideas:

Pink - Breast Cancer Awareness/Survivor, October Birthday

Red - Teacher Appreciation, Delta Sorority, July Birthday Sapphire

Blue - Zeta Sorority, September Birthday

Gold - 50th birthday (Golden Age), November Birthday

Crystal - April Birthday

Our Tribute Apples are made of ceramic and covered in high quality stones. Each one thoughtfully hand placed with care by yours truly, ShadowQueen. Jazz up your home or office space with this special conversation piece and snag one for a friend or love one too.


***************** IMPORTANT ********************* - Please be sure to include your stone color choice in the Notes section at checkout.

- Orders of 2 or more are discounted.

- Processing time = 2 weeks

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