Blue/Black Kente Leather Folding Fan

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Keep cool while representing your culture and heritage. These beautiful and classy African Print Fabric folding fans are perfect for festivals, weddings, church and other social events!

Beautiful handmade folding fan made of high-quality materials including bold, bright patterns and ethnic prints and colors. 100% leather handle and authentic Ghana fabric made by Ghanaian artisans using West African wax fabric popular in many countries of Africa including Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Benin, Togo, Burkina, Cameroon and others! 

Please note, exact patterns and colors may vary given the diverse fabric. Measurement: Opened - about 11 1/2" wide & 15 1/2 " long Folded - about 2" wide & 10" long Handle is made with leather & leather knotted thong to hold together.